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Thinking cyber through the lens of politics,
geopolitics and geo-economy


My contribution to academic research

In addition to my work in the advisory industry, I am actively involved in academic research relating to cyber issues within two non-profit organizations:

◉ Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research (Washington D.C.)
◉ Asia Center (Paris)

I work on a range of topics including global cyber policy and the implications of emerging technology security challenges for state behavior and international stability.

I write and co-write policy papers, academic articles, government reports and contribute to research projects at national and international level.
I also take part in Track 1.5 and Track 2 government events.


Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research (

Established in 2019, the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank comprising of global cybersecurity experts. It aims at producing research studies, policy papers, provide advisory, and work on various aspects of classical, contemporary, and modern cyber related matters under one umbrella. It is a collaborative step in the direction that aims to dissect and address the cyber policy and technology issues prevailing in the modern hyper-connected world.

The foundation aspires to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds with key interest on cyberspace issues to stir an intellectual debate on different facets with an intersection between cyber policy and technology. Through consultation, advisory, research articles, independent analysis, policy papers, opinion pieces, discussions, lectures, and events, the foundation aims at addressing the global cyberspace challenges and policy issues that affect every native of the digital world.

At the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research, I am acting as:
◉ Non-Resident Senior Policy Analyst & Member of the Experts Team
◉ Chair of CyCORP Special Interest Working Group
◉ Chair of CyAPAC Special Interest Working Group


Asia Center (

Established in 2005, Asia Center is an independent research institute fostering debates and publications on international, strategic and economic relations, as well as current political and social transformations in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Centre’s fellows navigate both the academic world and the public and private decision-making centers, tackling significant regional issues and analyzing them in local and global perspectives.

Asia Centre’s programs are conceived for a large network of corporate partners and specialized research institutions from Europe, America and Asia. Joint operations led with those partners offer the opportunity to confront a wider range of ideas and issues.

Focusing on the study of original sources, the works and conclusions of the researchers are widely published via Asia Centre’s own media and in the international press, journals and academic venues.

At Asia Center, I am acting as:
◉ Vice-President
◉ Head of the Cyberspace Program

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